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Manager’s Spotlight
February 15, 2012
Malissa White
Property Manager

Mediate Property Manager Patrick Holland is helping to give the Manager’s Committee for New England’s Chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI-NE) a fresh identity.

mediate-management-patrick-holland-director-of-salesPatrick began working with the Manager’s Committee in November 2011 to fulfill the requirements for his Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, the highest professional recognition available nationwide to managers who specialize in community association management. When Patrick first joined the committee, it consisted mostly of CEOs of management companies looking to share industry knowledge and create consistent service standards.

Seeing opportunity to grow the committee with more property managers, Patrick discussed ways to get more involved with Executive Director of CAI-NE Claudette Carini. Patrick was elected Chair of the Manager’s Committee at the beginning of this year and is currently working with the membership on more focused meeting topics and opening up the meetings to a larger audience.

First on the agenda was reducing meeting times with the hopes of growing committee membership over the next year. There are currently about 20 members.

“They used to meet every month, but the thought was maybe that was too much,” Patrick said.

Now meetings are held every other month. At the next meeting on March 15, managers will discuss the topic of choice, Technology in the Industry: Where it has come from and where it is going.

“Anything from accounting software, to maintenance handhelds, to association websites will be discussed,” Patrick said. “This creates new ideas for everyone to use in managing their associations’ expectations and making our own policies and procedures more efficient.”

Patrick’s primary goal in the Manager’s Committee is to promote the exchange of information.

“I think the wealth of knowledge that is being shared both from an owner or managers standpoint is invaluable and can be taken back to each association that you manage,” he said. “Whether it be from a technology standpoint or from a day-to-day operations standpoint, the information can help make the management of an association that much better and more efficient.”

Also working toward her PCAM designation, Mediate’s Director of Property Management Diana Norbury joined the Manager’s Committee in January. She felt it would be beneficial to speak to peers in the area and discuss the issues and opportunities shared in this business.

“It’s very insightful to have candid conversations regarding our industry with other local businesses,” Diana said. “I feel that by being involved, I can better understand the market and ways to improve our business, as well as discover new resources that were previously unknown to me and Mediate. Since many ideas and topics are discussed, it opens a door to opportunity that I otherwise may not get to experience if I only interact with my office colleagues and known vendors.”

Patrick is involved with several other CAI-NE committees, including the Emerging Leader’s Network and the Golf Tournament Committee. He brings 12 years of property management experience to his position as Chair of the Manager’s Committee. In addition to her seat on the Manager’s Committee, Diana is also a member of the Banquet Committee, which organizes the annual chapter banquet recognizing the achievements of members and providing a valuable networking opportunity.

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